RD Circular Tilting Pads (configurable)

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Standard without temperature gauge drillingRD16-89-L (200732320), RD20-89-L (200732322), RD25-89-L (200697008),
RD31-89-L (200697091). RD40-89-L (200732323), RD50-89-L (200696117),
RD63-89-L (200732324), RD71-89-L (200732325), RD80-89-L (200732326),
RD90-89-L (200732327), RD100-89-L (200732328), RD112-89-L (200732329),
RD125-89-L (200732330), RD140-89-L (200732331), RD160-89-L (200732187),
RD180-89-L (200699110), RD200-89-L (200720398)
Variants with temperature gauge drillingRD16-T (200797122), RD20-T (200732368), RD25-T (200732369),
RD31-T (200732370, RD40-T (200732371), RD50-T (200732372),
RD63-T (200732373), RD70-T (200732374), RD80-T (200732375),
RD90-T (200732376), RD100-T (200732377), RD112T (200732378),
RD125-T (200732379), RD140-T (200732380), RD160-T (200732381),
RD180-T (200732382), RD200-T (200720419)
IncludedRD Circular Tilting Pad, cup spring (assembled)

RD Circular Tilting Pads from specialist for drive technology RENK

RD Circular Tilting Pads for Absorption of Thrust Loads

RENK thrust bearings with RD circular tilting pads are slide bearings of the most advanced design and are usedin many branches of the engineering industry.
These circular pads are an alternative to our rigidly supported circular pads. Whereas the RS/RA circular pads are spherically supported, the RD pads are supported by means of cup springs.
This support permits tilting movements in every direction and thus perfect hydrodynamic operating conditions of thebearing. RD circular tilting pads are used in place of RS circular tilting pads in cases where wobble shock loads occur, i.e. where axial flexibility is admissible.
RD thrust bearings are used to absorb axial loads e.g. in

  • highspeed fan and compressor bearing systems,
  • gear boxes of all sizes,
  • thrust blocks of water turbines, horizontal and vertical arrangement,
  • vertical bearings for generatorsn alternators/motors.

RD circular tilting pads may be used for both senses of rotation. In practice they are employed for loads up to 4 N/mm2 (up RD 40).

Advantages in fitting RD circular tilting pads

Irrelevance of sense of rotation

Because of concentric design and the central support of RD circular tilting pads, RD thrust bearings can be operated in either direction.

High load carrying capacity

Due to the virtually circular path of equal hydrodynamic oil pressure lines the entire working surface of the RD circular tilting pad represents the load carrying surface (with conventional thrust pads the edges have only a low bearing share). For this reason the RD circular tilting pad can cope with higher specific loads.

Simple calculation of deformations

In view of its shape any thermic and elastic deformation of RD circular tilting pad can be easily calculated. These calculations were used in the development of RD circular tilting pads in order to determine the optimal ratio of diameter to thickness.

Circular shape of working surface

RD circular tilting pads are much less affected by oil contamination. The radial oil flow resulting from the circular shape of the pads and the absence of oil pockets causes the abrasion and dirt particles to bypass the RD circular tilting pads.

Temperature measurement

RENK has already developed RD pads provided with thermometer bores for temperature measurements. They are compliant to RENK standards and can be used in combination with RD pads without thermometer bore.