Oil Splash Ring size 10x900 to 20x1400 (configurable)

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Oil Splash Ring 10x900 (200782500), Oil Splash Ring 20x948 (200776547), Oil Splash Ring 10x1000 (200862796),
Oil Splash Ring 20x1020 (200771324), Oil Splash Ring 20x1130 (200768246), Oil Splash Ring 10x1230 (200822705),
Oil Splash Ring 10x1250 (200753572), Oil Splash Ring 20x1300 (200728988), Oil Splash Ring 20x1400 (200783380)

IncludedOil Splash Ring inclusive worm spring

Assembly note

The oil splash ring is supplied cut to excess length. During assembly, it must be placed around the shaft without play or stress and cut to length so that it closes tightly at the joints.

The joint is glued. A cyanoacrylate adhesive (instant adhesive) should preferably be used for this purpose.

The splash ring is held on the shaft by the tension spring connected at the ends with a screw cap.