Sealing Compound (configurable)

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Variants (Material ID, SKU)HYLOMAR Advanced Formulation HV (200874794), LOCTITE 5926 (200772564)
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Plastic, non-hardening or elastic sealing compounds are primarily used with slide bearings to seal the split line surfaces, e.g. split line of the housing or flange surfaces, and also as secondary sealing in combination with floating labyrinth seal systems. Depending on the application case, the sealing compounds must have certain properties. Therefore RENK does not recommend all types of sealing compounds as suitable for both application cases mentioned above.

For instance, in combination with floating seals (e.g. RENK labyrinth or gap seals) only plastic sealing compounds should be used, since all other types of sealing compounds would impede the mobility of the sealing elements.

In addition to the compatibility of the sealing compound with the bearing components, the sealing compound must be compatible with the lubricant used.