Screw-in Type Resistance Thermometer Pt100 type H (configurable)

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ProductcodePt100 type H
Variants (double TLB 353.14)

2xPt100 - 135 - TLB 353.14 (200858150), 2xPt100 - 160 - TLB 353.14 (200844603),
2xPt100 - 190 - TLB 353.14 (200864142), 2xPt100 - 220 - TLB 353.14 (200864996),
2xPt100 - 250 - TLB 353.14 (200843134), 2xPt100 - 280 - TLB 353.14 (200864997),

Variants (TLB 353.14)

Pt100 - 135 - TLB 353.14 (200861421), Pt100 - 160 - TLB 353.14 (200856104),
Pt100 - 190 - TLB 353.14 (200861428), Pt100 - 220 - TLB 353.14 (200861497),
Pt100 - 280 - TLB 353.14 (200861423), Pt100 - 345 - TLB 353.14 (200861419)


Resistance Thermometer from specialist for drive technology RENK

Screw-in resistance thermometer Pt100 HARTING

Following detailed revision, the RENK Screw–in Type Resistance Thermometer with thread connection G1/2” according to RENK standard, well tried- and –tested for so many years now, shall be replaced by a clearly improved design.

The new thermometer is fitted with an assembly-friendly 8-pole plug connector (type HARTING), made of metal and corresponding to protection grade IP 67. The insulated screw connection (electric insulation of the sensor against the bearing housing) is replaced by insulation inside. In this way, unintended bypassing (as for instance due to inci-dentally placed metal parts) is excluded. At the same time, the spring deflection was enlarged to a maximum of 40 mm.

Due to its slim design, fitting to smaller size bearings or under constricted room conditions is easier. The locking mechanism of both metal halves of the plug connector is extremely stable and resisting vibrations. In service case, upon disassembling of the device, the correct contact position remains is ensured.

The instrument is exclusive designed for 4 wire connection (…/4), no deviation possible. The standard variant is available as 1xPt100/4 (Single-Pt100/4). Upon request, also a Double-Pt100/4, fitted with the same plug connector is possible.

The increments of the sensor length is according to housing type and shell bore diameter (135, 160, 190, 220, 250, 280, und 345 mm).

Functional features

  • Measuring resistor PT100 in 4-wire version from measuring resistor
  • Basic values according to DIN EN 60751 - class A or B
  • Version as single (1xPt100) or double Pt100 (2xPt100)
  • Temperature range -40 °C to + 125 °C
  • Measuring resistor electrically insulated to the sensor tube embedded (galvanic separation of the line paths from the electrically conductive housing components/sensor tube)
  • Sensor tube electrically insulated from housing components including screw-in piece
  • Spring deflection of sensor section min./max.: 40/42 mm. With deflection by 50% of the available spring travel, a contact force of 20 to max. 35 N is achieved
  • Screw-in socket G ½" B with hexagon SW 27. If the screw-in socket is made of metal, the socket must bethe connection piece is to be supplied with seal according to DIN 7603-C 21 x 26 x 2 – CuFA
  • Connection head in plug design - make Harting, series HAN-3A/8D with cable gland M20x1.5 for cable diameter 3-14 mm
  • Lubricant compatible and lubricant tight for all internal components from screw-in piece to sensor tip (connection head must be reliably sealed against lubricant from sensor side)
  • Lubricants are hydraulic fluids based on mineral oils and common synthetic fractions