Floating labyrinth seal (configurable)

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MaterialRENKplastic therm P70
Variants (material ID, SKU)Ø 80 (200836218), Ø 90 (200836261), Ø 100 (200836054), Ø 110 (200836257), Ø 125 (200836269),
Ø 140 (200836273), Ø160 (200836275), Ø 180 (200836262), Ø 200 (200836274), Ø 225 (200836260),
Ø 250 (200836277), Ø 280 (200836265), Ø 300 (200836278), Ø 315 (200836271), Ø 355 (200350028)

Floating labyrinth seal from specialist for drive technology RENK

Floating labyrinth seals were developed for use in RENK slide bearings. They are two piece seals, freely movable in a seal carrier or directly in the bearing housing. Both halves are held together by a garter spring.

The radial clearance between the seal and the seal carrier is approx. 1 mm. This prevents damage to the seal by the shaft during assembly or due to finishing inaccuracies.

Floating labyrinth seals are available from stock for a size range from 80 to 355 mm diameter. The diameters aresized as per standard scale R 20. The corresponding shaft diameters should be considered for a e8 tolerance.

The split design, the excellent temperature, radiation and chemical resistance, together with their high dimensional stability under heat, permit application of the seals also in other locations on electric machines, fans or compressors.


The materials selected for these seals are highduty and high temperature resistant polymers (RENKplastic therm P 50 or RENKplastic therm P 70) with excellent sliding properties. The material is suitable for continuous operating temperature in air of 260 °C and for short periods even of 300 °C. The materials are also electrically insulating.

For more detailed technical informations about the used materials see the technical data sheet (of floating labyrinth seal) or send us your request!