Flow meter (configurable)

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NJV-015GM010 (200350177), NJV-020GM040 (200350182),
NJV-025GM060(200350183), NJV-015GM SPEZ. (200350797)

IncludedFlow meter (without switching unit)

Flow meter from specialist for drive technology RENK

RENK flow meters, system Honsberg Novaflux type NJV MI, measure the flow of liquids and can be fitted in optional position. The meters use an external steel ball following the concentrated field of two permanent magnets fitted to the internal piston. The metering ball moves underneath of a scaled plastic plate.

Design and Operation:

The medium enters the square shaped body (1) through an inlet piece (2). The piston (4) in this body is supported by means of a stainless steel spring (5). Two magnets of opposite field direction (3) are fixed to the piston and move an indicating magnet (6) which is placed under a plastic plate outside the body. This indicator plate permits direct reading of the flow rate. The device is equipped with femal threads (Withworth pipe threads) at both ends for direct insertion in the pipe system. Nominal pressure 100 bar.

The design of the flow meters is widely viscosity-compensated in the range of 20 to 200 mm2/s due to the geometrically favourable metering disk and the geometrically favourable metering box.