Screw plug (configurable)

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G1/8 (200351002), G¼ (200351003), G3/8 (200351004), G½ (200351005)
G3/4 (200351006), G1 (200351007) ,G1 ¼ (200351008),
G1 ½ (200351009) G2 (200351010), G2 ½ (200351011)

IncludedScrew plug, sealing

Intended Purpose

Screw plugs with elastic flat gaskets are used to seal tapped holes in components.

Application Range and Environment

The major application range includes slide bearing housings and their attached parts, with the purpose of keeping internal lubricants from leaking out and/or preventing external (dirt) particles and fluids from entering the unit. The ambient temperature ranges from -40 °C to +100 °C. All components must be compatible with all common mineral as well as synthetic lubricants. Screw plugs with elastic flat gaskets can be used with system pressure up to a maximum of 100 bar.