Additional baffle (for protection class IP 55, configurable)

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IncludedAdditional baffle
Variants (material ID, SKU)Ø 80 (200248040), Ø 90 (200345600), Ø 100 (200140441), Ø 110 (200248655), Ø 125 (200248590),
Ø 140 (200140489), Ø160 (200140537), Ø 180 (200248662), Ø 200 (200140331), Ø 225 (200140348),
Ø 250 (200140458), Ø 280 (200140355), Ø 300 (200350981), Ø 315 (200140609), Ø 355 (200248679)

Additional baffle from specialist for drive technology RENK

An additional sealing chamber can be created in front of the seal carrier by mounting an additional baffle. This enhanced sealing structure will increase the IP protection class of the bearing to IP 55. The seal carrier must be prepared for this part. This type is also used to prevent leakage as a result of suppressors in front of the bearing caused by large rotating components (cooling discs, coupling hubs).