ELCO Compression sleeve (configurable)

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EU-HS Code40169991
IncludedCompression sleeve
Variants type U (material ID, SKU)20-8 U (200734139), 25-10 (200734140), 32-13 U (200734141), 40-16 U (200734142),
50-20 U (200734143), 63-25 U (200734144), 80-33 U (200734187), 100-40 U (200734188),
125-50 U (200734189), 160-63 U (200734190), 200-80 U (200734191)
Variants type V (material ID, SKU)20-8 V (200734635), 25-10 (200734636), 32-13 V (200734637), 40-16 V (200734638),
50-20 V (200734639), 63-25 V (200734640), 80-33 V (200734641), 100-40 V (200734642),
125-50 V (200734643), 160-63 V (200734644), 200-80 V (200734645)
Variants type W (material ID, SKU)20-8 W (200743649), 25-10 (200743651), 32-13 W (200743652), 40-16 W (200743653),
50-20 W (200743654), 63-25 W (200743655), 80-33 W (200743656), 100-40 W (200743657),
125-50 W (200743659), 160-63 W (200743660), 200-80 W (200743661)

Compression sleeves from specialist for drive technology RENK

The compression sleeves are made of high quality, reinforced elastomer, which ensures the extraordinary performance
range of the ELCO Couplings compared to most other couplings.
Placement on a bolt circle with a diameter as small as possible provides a great twisting angle. Several differently deep groove profiles at periphery of the sleeves provide progressive torsion spring characteristics. Due to the elasticity of the profile sleeves, only minor restoring forces occur on the bearings.

The following compression sleeves are available (quality level)

Compression sleeves U

Compression sleeves of modified natural rubber with vulcanised polyamide inner sleeves are used for all standard drives. They have also proved to be an excellent solution for asymmetrically working drives with alternating torques, in particular for vibration-prone machines, i. e. Diesel engines and other piston engines.

Compression sleeves V

Compression sleeves of chloroprene polymer with vulcanised polyamide inner sleeves are especially designed for couplings exposed to oil vapours (mineral oils). They can also be used for machines in tropical areas with exposure to termites.

The RENK compression sleeve variant V contains the substance imidazolidine-2-thione (ETU) CAS No. 96-45-7 in a concentration of more than 0.1%. According to Article 33 of the REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, RENK informs its customers about all substances listed as SVHC substances. If the compression sleeve is handled properly, no further protective measures are required.

Compression sleeves W

Compression sleeves of nitric rubber with polyamide inner sleeve are used for drives requiring twisting angles smaller than those being achieved with type U sleeve. Sleeves type W are oil-resistant to a certain extent.

Notes on storage of ELASTOMER products

The compression sleeves must be protected against UV radiation and heat, as otherwise changes in the vibration behaviour may occur (DIN 7716). These factors accelerate the aging process by modifying the spring characteristics and the damping properties of the sleeves.

Further design or dimensions on request!