Loose oil ring (configurable)

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IncludedLoose oil ring
Variants (material ID, SKU)9-1 (200868282), 9-2 (200868283), 11-1 (200868286), 14-1 (200868288), 14-2 (200868293), 14-2* (200868292),
18-1 (200847282), 18-2 (200868296), 18-2* (200868295), 22-1 (200868297), 22-2 (200868298), 28-1 (200868300),
28-2 (200868301), 28-3 (200868302)

Loose oil ring from specialist for drive technology RENK

RENK loose oil rings are used with slide bearings series ZM and E. They ensure the delivery of the lubricant to the shaft journal.

Oil rings can be used with shafts having a peripheral speed of up to 20 m/s. For the emergency run down of bearings in case failure of the circulating oil lubrication, oil rings can be used up to 26 m/s circumferential speed of the shaft. Oil rings can also be used for service in ships (details on request).

The central arrangement has the advantage that the immersion depth of the lubricating ring remains constant when the bearing housing is not leveled.

A further important advantage of the symmetrical design is that oil spray thrown off the lubricating ring cannot affect the tightness of the seal.

Depending upon the application, it is also possible to use loose oil rings with other bearing types.


The loose oil rings are made from a copperzinc alloy.


The loose oil rings are marked by small grooves on the outer diameter, to prevent confusion in the selection of the correct loose oil ring for a specific diameter.

A loose oil ring marked LR1 has one groove, LR2 has two grooves and LR3 has three grooves.

The loose oil rings 142* and 182* have no grooves. Their production will be stopped in the near future.

Further types or dimensions on request!